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Elgant Blue Pearl Pendant Necklace


Disclosing the sentiment and wonder delighted in by the princely homes of customary India. Showing an accessory that is the fortune place of an aristocrat who is balanced, exquisite and compelling. A necklace that is certain to spellbind the whole audience with some profound subtleties and splendid craftsmanship. Diamonds in the middle including a shade of flame for the rich marriage look.White pearls with blue accents, a look for an ethnic fantasy at its best. Wear this necklace and let the color and design do all the talking. Stories are intrinsically intertwined with the wearer – a piece of tradition beautifully blends with their special memories and adorns milestone occasions. Attain the attractive and delicate workmanship of blue gold earrings for classic and sophisticated outfits make every onlooker marvel at the sheer work of art that these earrings are.




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