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Gold Pendant Red Pearl Necklace


Refined and beauteous, the embellishment speaks to the specialty of allurement and cherished as the esplanade of the majestic which steadily and reliably finding its way into the millennial woman’s jewelry box.Taking the bar of customary plans altogether higher is this green and gold jewelry. One for a woman of great importance who perceives herself with the establishments of her lifestyle. A necklace so mesmerizing that is could turn others green with envy. With gold accents, and its bejeweled look, this is a showstopper in all its right. Standing at the intersection of contemporary design and time-tested, artisan led crafts, this pair of green and gold is a stunner by all measures. Rich work of green stones with golden work art, flawlessly designed for traditional outfits. Pair it with a champagne colored lehenga and wow one and all




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